Business Overview

We design and sell 4 original brands.

Product Development

Rather than manufacturing that simply follows trends and appearances, we pursue "quality more than price" by providing ease of use and functionality. We quickly provide consistently fresh and exciting items to customers. With our annual number of samples approaching 10,000, our strength lies in our robust product lineup and our ability to plan and respond swiftly to changes in the market.

Market Contribution

We not only create new products but make constant minor improvements as needed so that our products can be loved for a long time.In this way, we will work with customers to sell good products for many years to come. We are currently working towards an inventory system that will better handle repeat orders from our business partners. Making full use of the knowledge acquired from longstanding work with partner factories, we offer products with first-rate delivery time, quality, and price.


Our aim is to create products that customers can use safely and with peace of mind and we work to improve the quality of these products every day. All of our products are inspected by X-ray and provided with anti-mold and anti-odor protection as needed. We take every one of our products seriously and perform top-of-the-line quality control on all of our wide variety of products.


We work together with customers to set up a schedule for the next two months.Our goal is to establish brands in markets and make full-scale entries into countries around the world.


By emphasizing communication with customers (users), we also develop limited products based on feedback. Providing services that only a manufacturer-run business can we will continue to promote brand appeal and products further.

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Business Overview

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