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Privacy Policy

Recognizing our social responsibility to protect personal information, Carrot Company® (hereinafter referred to as "Our Company" or "we") has established the Privacy Policy described below. Our Company、complies with this Privacy Policyand relevant laws and regulation regarding personal information, and properly and securely protects personal information of our customers.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

Our Company may collect your personal information to the extent necessary in the following cases:
(i) When you apply for a service to our company; and
(ii) When you have made inquiries to our company.
We will specify the reasons and purposes for collecting your personal information in advance at the time of such collection, and will collect your personal inform properly.
Also, when we use your personal information for the other purposes specified at the time of its collection, wewill inform you such purposes afresh, and get your approval.

Collection and Use of Cookies

Our website records statistical information on visits to our site as access log.
This access log helps us to know customers' needs and to improve the contents of our homepage. The access log is used only for website access analysis. It will never be used to collect personal information. The access log will not be shared with third parties.

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Our Company will not disclose or provide your personal information to third parties, except as provided in the followings.
(i) If we obtain your consent to the disclosure of personal information.
(ii) If we disclose your personal information in a way that is not possible to identify you personally;
(iii) If we disclose your personal information to a company entrusted with our business in order to reply to inquiries from customers or to offer our services (In such case, we shall endeavor to protect your personal information appropriately by such methods as setting forth obligations to protect your personal information in contracts between such company and us.); and
(iv) If required by law, legal process and/or if we comply with legal requests from public and governmental authorities to disclose your personal information.

Protection of Personal Information

Our Company has established appropriate safety measures to constantly protect your personal information from being lost, destroyed, altered or leaked or accessed fraudulently. Also, if we deem that the purposes of collecting your personal information have been accomplished, we may scrap such information with security measures. We will endeavor to keep personal information accurate and updated.

Disclosure or Correction of Personal Information

Pursuant to any applicable laws and regulations, Our Company will appropriately respond to requests from you or your agent regarding disclosure, correction, deletion, and suspension of use of any of your personal information.

Other Limitation

Although Our Company pays close attention to protect personal information, we do not guarantee security when you send information through our website. Please send information at your own risk.

Updates to this Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be changed by Our Company without prior notice when necessary. We recommend that you should check our website regularly to see recent changes.

Contact us

If you have any questions on this Privacy Policy, or if you would like to request us to disclose, correct, delete, or suspend use of any of your personal information we have, please contact us at the following address:

Carrot Company®
TEL: 03-3403-2311

Terms of Use


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The Information and/or Materials Send to us through This Website

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(*)We add this provision in order to avoid any troubles. The ideas, concepts and know-how sent from you may be accidently similar to our unpublished ideas, and, in such case, there may be any misunderstandig and/or discussion between you and us. Of course, the personal information such as your address, name, and contact address is protected pursuant to our Privacy Policy.


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